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Roman Mosaic Tile

Roman Mosaic Cross Stitch

This was a fun, really quick project of mine from about two years ago, really my first cross stitch project. Very small, only about 5 or 6 inches on each side. Made on 14 count Aida cloth over the course of a couple of weeks.

If anyone’s looking for a quick project that doesn’t require too much thought, cross stitch is definitely the way to go. All you have to do is make X’s across the fabric. As long as you pay attention, count the squares correctly, and make the X’s in the same direction (e.g., always make the bottom string the line from lower left to upper right and top string upper left to lower right), you should end up with a beautiful finished piece! Of course, if you don’t do those things, you’ll end up sadly pulling out threads to fix it (as I did a few times). So just pay attention and you should be just fine.

What I really like about this piece is that I didn’t know what it would look like in the end when I started. I was just able to build the pattern from the inside out. I started with the inner flower and worked my way out, coming up with a new layer of pattern as I went along (I had graph paper to draw up ideas, though–I’m not so good that I don’t need to see the whole layer before I stitch it) I didn’t know where it would go by the end, so I just got to experiment with the patterns as I went along.

So there you have it! Small, fast, and a nice decoration.

“Carpe diem” –Horace, Odes