Arcade Blanket

This is the project I really had in mind when I made the Tetris Blanket. Except back then, I didn’t have a stitch that was both small enough to give me some detail while still being perfectly square. Then I discovered corner-to-corner (C2C) crochet, and all my problems were solved.

The idea for this blanket was just to showcase all of the arcade games I grew up loving on a single black screen. Naturally this meant I had to capture the stress and chaos of classic arcade games by filling the screen with relatively random sprites. I did try to keep characters interacting within their own games, though, hence Pac-Man heading for the cherries while being pursued by the ghost, Taizo Hori preparing to shoot the Pooka, the Galaga ship shooting at the bees, and the Centipede head taking out the mushroom while running dangerously close to the spider. Also, because I’m picky about details, I felt the need to space out the mushrooms and centipedes correctly in relation to each other (i.e. you could populate the whole blanket with more mushrooms and they would fit without overlapping). The Dig Dug dragon spitting fire and Galaga tractor beam just felt like they needed to be in there because out how much they annoy me.

The only real difficulty to this blanket was figuring out how to break up the pieces without making it in obvious pieces like I often do with my 4-piece and 9-piece blankets. Much as I wanted to do the whole piece in one gigantic go, I remembered how difficult that was with the Marvel Blanket and kept myself away from that. The complete blanket is actually broken up into these 16 pieces which are whip-stitched together:

arcade pieces sprites

Segmenting the blanket like this gave me a randomly distributed pattern of sprites and made the stitches harder to see while also letting me work on manageable chunks at a time, so it was a neat way to space the sprites out while still keeping the appearance of one continuous piece.

Overall, this was a fantastically simple and quick project (shoutout to C2C-you can make some BIG projects in relatively short amounts of time with all that double crochet), plus the graphing was all done for me thanks to 1980s graphics!

“I had no special training at all…I just had a strong concept about what a game designer is–someone who designs projects to make people happy. That’s his purpose.” -Toru Iwatani


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