Star Wars Patterns

Star Wars Front

Pattern set number two! These are the gridded patterns I used for my double knit Star Wars blanket. Each pattern is 60 stitches wide and 71 tall and makes one square out of the nine total used in the blanket. In the actual finished product, I added a border of 4 stitches horizontally and 5 vertically in white, then another border the same size in black, for a total of 76 stitches wide and 91 stitches tall per square. Enjoy!


R2D2 Pattern

Rebel Helmet

Rebel Helmet Pattern.JPG

Millennium Falcon


Darth Vader Helmet


Star Wars Logo


*I messed up a little bit on this one, for some reason I didn’t center the logo on the square, so if you actually want it in the middle, you’ll want to do 17 rows on the top and bottom instead of 22 and 12. Also, as you can see, I used the reverse side of this pattern as the front side on the actual blanket (i.e. the black background with white letters)*

Boba Fett Helmet


Death Star


Stormtrooper Helmet


TIE Fighter



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