Month: April 2017

Star Wars Patterns

Star Wars Front

Pattern set number two! These are the gridded patterns I used for my double knit Star Wars blanket. Each pattern is 60 stitches wide and 71 tall and makes one square out of the nine total used in the blanket. In the actual finished product, I added a border of 4 stitches horizontally and 5 vertically in white, then another border the same size in black, for a total of 76 stitches wide and 91 stitches tall per square. Enjoy!


R2D2 Pattern

Rebel Helmet

Rebel Helmet Pattern.JPG

Millennium Falcon


Darth Vader Helmet


Star Wars Logo


*I messed up a little bit on this one, for some reason I didn’t center the logo on the square, so if you actually want it in the middle, you’ll want to do 17 rows on the top and bottom instead of 22 and 12. Also, as you can see, I used the reverse side of this pattern as the front side on the actual blanket (i.e. the black background with white letters)*

Boba Fett Helmet


Death Star


Stormtrooper Helmet


TIE Fighter



Star Wars Blanket

Star Wars Front

*Patterns available here!

After about a year of off-on working on this blanket, it’s finally finished! I wanted to do another blanket the same way as the Avatar blanket, using double knitting (Check out the Avatar post if you want more detail on how to make a blanket like this, there wasn’t really anything new this time around!). Star Wars lent itself really well to double knitting, with black and white being an easy choice for the icons’ colors. I found pictures of other Star Wars blankets online that used many colors, but I decided that too many colors would distract from the simplicity at the core of the series.

Star Wars Back
And the back!

By way of construction, this blanket was exactly the same as the Avatar blanket, I just made 9 squares instead of 4, and left out border pieces. Each square had some black on the outline already, and I figured that was enough. Plus I didn’t want to make something else on a thicker border; again, that probably would have been more distracting than I wanted.

So overall this was double knit on size 10 needles. A total of 9 individual pieces sewn together using the mattress stitch. As always, I tried to fight distortion. Each piece is still wider than it is tall, but I got a lot closer to squares on this one than I did for the Avatar blanket.

What was most fun about this blanket was really drawing up the patterns. With the Avatar blanket, I just modified other patterns I found for the big pieces and didn’t get to be really creative until I designed the border pieces. With this blanket, I got to design the whole thing from scratch, and that was really fun. To be fair, I think all of my blankets have a very similar feel to them, since I mainly stick to several squares stitched together, but drawing the patterns for the icons was especially challenging and fun this time around.

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