Wings Headband


I liked the Young Forever headband so much, I decided to make another one in the same style, this time based on the cover of BTS’ Wings album:


I had a ton of ideas coming in with how to do this. At first, I thought I would tie some little bits of yarn to the bottom right of the first circle and then comb through them to make them fuzzy or something, but I ended up deciding to just add a little blip in the pattern there. Which kind of just makes it look like I messed up in crocheting a circle.

The second circle was pretty complicated with trying to get the zigzags in the right positions. They’ll still forever annoy me, but I’m pretty ok with where they ended up.

I spent the most time thinking about the third circle. At first, I thought I would try to paint bleach on a black circle to get some of the gradient effect. Then I discovered I only had acrylic yarn, so bleach would do nothing. Then I thought I would use a black-white-gray gradient yarn to make it, but I could find one. So I ended up just using a gray yarn. I tried drawing on it a bit with black sharpie to give it more texture, but it’s not all that visible. Honestly though, I kind of like the simplification of just making it a gray circle. The sharpie is also interesting if you look more closely.

The fourth circle has that little gradient going on in the center, but that was not going to happen, so simple black circle it was.

Maybe if I acquire some natural fiber black yarn, I’ll play around with the bleach idea and see if it works better.

“난 날 믿어 내 등이 아픈 건, 날개가 돋기 위함인 걸” (I trust myself, Since the reason why my back hurts, Is so that wings can sprout) -Suga


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