Young Forever Headband


I’ve realized that headbands are my favorite quick project to make when I feel inspired. This headband is based on the album cover of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever by BTS:

the_most_beautiful_moment_in_life_young_forever-jpeg (Image)

It was simple to put together, it just took a lot of weaving in ends after everything was done since I used so many different strands of yarn. I did this one in the exact same style as the Avengers headbands, alternating front loops back loops with a size H crochet hook. I was lucky enough to have the colors just lying around, so I just cranked it out in about 4 hours. I’m very happy with how it turned out, makes me want to get inspiration for more headband designs!

“영원한 관객은 없대도, 난 노래할 거야, 오늘의 나로 영원하고파, 영원히 소년이고 싶어 난” (Even if the attention isn’t forever, I’ll keep singing, I want to stay this way for life, I want to stay young forever) –J-Hope


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