Month: August 2016

Pokémon Patterns

Pokemon Blanket

I decided to try something new, that is, upload some patterns!

Really, all this is are the gridded images I used to create the Pokémon blanket above, with some explanation of how I used them to make the blanket. I crocheted each square individually, using double crochet and making each pixel in the images below two dcs wide and one dc tall. Each square was 110 dcs wide by 55 dcs tall.

And here are the gridded images:


Pikachu Pattern

Colors used: Black, Yellow, Red, White, Brown

In the blanket, I used a slightly more gold yellow for the background (it’s hard to see with the lighting in the picture, but it is a different yellow than what I used for Pikachu’s body)


Bulbasaur Pattern.JPG

Colors used: Black, Light Blue, Teal, Red, White, Bright Green, Dark Green

Apologies for the teal and dark green looking so similar in this pattern. I used teal on Bulbasaur’s actual body and dark green on the bulb on its back. I then used a kelly green for the background of the whole square.

CharmanderCharmander Pattern.JPG

Colors used: Black, Orange, Tan, Teal, White, Red, Yellow

I used a darker orange for the background of this square. Note! That is a white square on the left eye, not part of the background!

SquirtleSquirtle Pattern

Colors used:Black, Light Blue, Red, Brown, White, Tan

Dark blue for the background

Some notes about Squirtle: I think what I have gridded here is slightly different from what I used in making the actual blanket. I forgot to put the white around the right eye in the actual blanket (bad move…it looks so much better with the white…) and this gridded image might be a little wider than the one I used in the blanket..I’m not really sure how that happened, something when I was transferring it to digital form.

So there you have it! Feel free to use these patterns however you wish, I do not own these characters. If you do make something and post it, I’d love to see it! Comment a link to the image or link back to this page.

Please let me know if something doesn’t make sense about these patterns. It is my first time posting patterns, so I appreciate any feedback to make it better!