Scarlet Witch Headband


Wanda’s headband took an exceptionally long time for me to conceptualize. I knew I wanted to use the red and black color scheme from the movie, but I didn’t know how to incorporate her powers into the headband. Thin lines don’t show up very well in the stitching I’m using, so I eventually gave up on trying to make something to represent the red energy around her hands and focused on the angular aspect of her costume instead. I used the comics face mask as inspiration and just alternated flipping it upside down along the pattern. Interestingly, this resulted in her initials being repeated across the whole headband, which at the very least entertains me.
I think I made the angles just a bit too open on the outer parts of the mask, so I might try to redo it in the future making it slightly more mask-like. This one could easily be mistaken for Black Widow just because of the color scheme. But overall, it is a really interesting pattern (if only vaguely inspired by Scarlet Witch) so I’m happy with it.
“Everybody’s afraid of something” -Scarlet Witch


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