Month: January 2016

Baymax Headband


This was a great project from a year ago, a warm and comfortable headband for the winter. I found some extremely soft and thick white yarn and just single crocheted a strip with it. Then used a smaller hook and made two black circles and a chained line to connect them. I also made a larger grey circle and embroidered it for the back:


I folded it over where I sewed the grey on because it was a big too big, and folding it over made it fit better. Luckily for me, this ended up making it more interesting to look at since it has a bit of a bow shape, rather than just being a straight rectangle.

I also have to mention that I appreciate the yarn being chunky enough that I didn’t feel the need to fix up the edges like I usually do on headbands. Well done, yarn.

I cannot deactivate until you say you are satisfied with your care” -Baymax