Quicksilver Headband

Quicksilver Headband

I’m starting a little side project making earwarmers/headbands with patterns inspired by the Avengers. The nice thing about this project is that I can make them whenever I want something more portable to work on on the go, and they only take a couple of hours each. Expect to see more interspersed with other projects.

I really like how the pattern turned out on this one. I used the zigzag across Quicksilver’s chest as inspiration, and it came out looking like something a skier would wear. It was also very quick to make, I think this was only around an hour or so.

The stitching was back loops, front loops on repeat, since that style has been working for me lately. I’ll probably end up doing all of the headbands in that stitching for uniformity’s sake.

“You didn’t see that coming?” -Quicksilver


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