Month: July 2015

Crayon Shoulder Bag


This was a really fun and easy project I did in just a few days thanks to being stuck in bed due to illness. It’s a small shoulder bag (for size reference, the pocket is the size of my smartphone), and I just used the colors I had lying around. The finished product reminds me of a crayon with its thick black outlines and bright green base, so I’m sticking with that name.

When I started this, I was worried about possible holes due to the nature of it being crocheted and it not functioning well as a bag. As it turns out, that was NOT something I needed to concern myself with. Single crochet just naturally lends itself to creating solid 3-dimensional shapes. I did this project in the round, with a chain to start it off:


(You can see the first chain and how I expanded it into an oval for the base)
From there, it was a simple single crochet all around, which created a nice, tight fabric. I also have to mention here that I like how the back-and-forth single crochet on the pocket contrasts subtly with the in-the-round pattern of the bag itself.

However, the most interesting part of this bag is definitely the black outline contrasting with the green base. If it weren’t for that, it wouldn’t be much fun to look at at all. And it was a really simple pattern otherwise! All I did was add a ring of black at the bottom after I finished expanding the oval base and around the top, along with around the pocket rectangle (added bonus: the pocket border really cleans up the pocket edges and makes them nice and straight). So always keep colors in mind, they can make very simple patterns suddenly catch a lot of attention.

That’s really all I’ve got to say for this project, let me know if you have any questions or comments below!

“Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons” –Al Hirschfeld