Triquetra Earmuffs

Trinity Knot Earmuffs

These were one of my first projects from when I picked up crochet a few years ago, and they helped me learn a lot about crochet and what its strengths and limitations are, especially in comparison to knitting. I was inspired by the Celtic knot style and figured earmuffs would be a nice way to display the design and have something useful come out of it. They are very effective at keeping my ears warm.

When it comes to making something in three dimensions, crochet absolutely dominates knitting in every respect. Knitting is meant for soft and wearable or cuddly projects, but crochet can make sturdy projects that can hold their own shapes. For this project, I just made two cylindrical shapes and filled them with stuffing, then sewed on the green and black lines which were made with a single row of single crochet stitches, then added the headband, which is only 6 single crochets wide.

The two earmuff pieces were made from magic rings and crocheted in the round until they reached a diameter I liked. And I really have to say that I’m impressed with the quality of the magic ring. Essentially what this method does is it creates a tight center to your crocheted circle without leaving a hole, which pretty much any other method does.

Trinity Knot Earmuff Closeup

As you can see in the picture, the gray center of the earmuff is a nice tight circle, thanks to the magic ring method! If you haven’t learned it, I strongly suggest doing so for structural crocheted pieces.

Finally, unlike knitted stitches, crochet stitches are very confusing to the eye. This means that stitching extra pieces onto a crocheted piece is much easier when the pieces are crocheted, because as long as you use the same color yarn, no one will be able to tell where the lines from the sewing are.This is how I was able to attach the green and black crocheted thick lines on top of the gray base muffs so easily; no one would be able to tell where my stitches were, so I could do whatever I wanted!

That’s all I’ve got for these! I strongly recommend earmuffs or ear warmers as quick, useful projects to test out new techniques or ideas.

“Wise he is deemed who can question well, and also answer back” –Poetic Edda


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